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  Secure Global Competitiveness Based on Excellent Technologies (March 07, 2022)
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According to the Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP), Korea’s renewable energy technology reached a level of 86% out of 100%, meaning a technological gap of approximately 10% exists between Korea and other developed countries (Europe, US, Japan). The photovoltaic industry is growing focused on cell and module manufacturers (Hanwha, LG, etc.), and an export-centered value chain has been established.
The wind power industry has production infrastructure for major components that have high potential for growth (blades, power converters, etc.) and aims to expand the domestic market and investment and secure global competitiveness by constructing large-scale wind farms. Korean manufacturing companies have acquired hydrogen technologies,  such as hydrogen cars and fuel cells. Global cooperative projects are also under way to expand the production of green hydrogen and expand related infrastructure (transport, storage, charge, sales).
"Korea’s Technical Competitiveness per Renewable Energy Source"